Luis, Victoria, and Emily all served at the same organization in different years.
Members of the 2016-2017 class meeting Judge Patti Saris at AmeriCorps Opening Day.

About Us

South Coastal Counties Legal Services has received federal funding to operate ALA-Massachusetts since 2005. Since then, almost 300 AmeriCorps advocates have served more than 37,000 low-income Massachusetts residents in need of legal assistance in civil matters.

While members and supervisors serve in organizations throughout Massachusetts, SCCLS manages the day-to-day operation of the program in Brockton, MA. ALA-Massachusetts has two full-time program staff members:

Amy Copperman

Amy has been Program Director for ALA-Massachusetts since 2015. A graduate of Brown University, Amy worked at the Women’s Prison Association and Manpower Demonstration Research Corporation before attending Harvard Law School. Amy received a Skadden Fellowship to launch her career in public interest law, and practiced housing law for twelve years at Massachusetts Law Reform Institute where she specialized in fair housing, public and subsidized housing tenancies, and tenants’ rights.

Kat Roach

Kat has been Program Coordinator for ALA-Massachusetts since 2017. Originally from Colombia and growing up in South Carolina, Kat is a graduate of the College of Charleston and moved to Boston in late 2016. Kat is an alumnus of another Massachusetts AmeriCorps program, New American Integration Program and has always been passionate about service and helping low-income populations.